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I have another quote. this is the last one. It from acouple that did their DTS and are now in C**** for two years at least.

"Our school opened our eyes to the fact that God in fact speaks to those he calls to himself. The relationship between he and his followers goes two-ways, and we would not be doing the work we are right now without having heard him the way we did on our D-school. We credit the D-school as God's primary tool in teaching us how to speak to and hear from him, and we continue to go deeper in the things we began to learn there."

Subject: RE: Another quote from a former student

Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 12:36:46 +0100



Hey steve:

Just got this one. This is from a student who completed his DTS with us in June 2007, went on to do an SoFM and is now in J****.

Ok, this make the third one. Done


Sure I'll answer your question. No offence, but it's a kind of lame question, because it spurs a cliche answer, so I'll try not to answer so predictably. In my d school, we weren't just taught the 'facts of life,' the 'dos and don'ts,' and 'how to be good,' etc. Instead of just learning how to respect people more than myself, how to put God first, how to gain a heart for mis...s, etc., which is just a bunch of stuff I already knew anyway, I actually became someone who respects people more than himself, etc. (I hope.) I was trained and flexed in [spiritual] areas I didn't want to go. In all honesty, I just went to d-school to get away from home. God had SO MUCH bigger plans than that. Putting up with me, he dug out all the trash in my life and filled in the gaps with the things I thought before were naive and foolish: [not so] lame stuff like humility, love, generosity, and forgiveness. It was a sure battle for me (and my teammates!), but in the end, God showed me how far he had takenme in just nine months. He had prepared meby building our relationship and then showing meHisnext plan. So Iended up here, because Hecleared out my heart, then filled it with a desire to reach the nations.

Something like that, anyway. How's that?

Hope this helps!


P.S.Oh yeah, when's the big day, by the way?

Hey Steve:

Here are some photos attached from one of our students from last year and quotes from two students from last year. The first quote is from a person based in Texas. And the second quote is from a person who is now joining staff in YWAM Orlando. These were the only responses.

I think my DTS and BLS helped train me for where I am now because I am teaching geography at a Christian school. Even though my degree is in English, they chose me to fill a geography position because they wanted me to bring the aspect of missions into the classroom. It's been an interesting year since this is not my field, but it's been good to be able to share pictures of personal experience and tell personal testimony of working with and witnessing to people in Asia. I think it has helped open some of my students' eyes to what missions can really be.

And my DTS and BLS together have inspired me to continue in missions. I'm only taking a year off from YWAM this year because I got married in December, but Jon and I cannot wait to get back into missions. We know God has called us to share His good news! Once your eyes are opened to the needs of this world, I don't know how you could really ever go back to 'normal life'. My current job sometimes feels like a trap. I know God is using this time to teach me things I will need in the future, so I have to be reminded of the bigger picture. But I often ask Him how long it will be until I can be out there doing the work again.

I can't wait!

I hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can do.


DTS In Derby was great. Wow I learned so much about God. I not only learned about The Trinity but also about the different functions of The Trinity. I had an indeapth teaching on The father Heart of God, Jesus and the Cross, and also the Holy Sprit. I felt this was core DTS Teaching. God often refreshes my mind of a lot of the matrial I learned from DTS at random moments. I loved YWAM Derby also because I felt like I learned lots of life skills. Keeping things clean and orderly and enjyoying the work duties. The leadership new what they where doing and where/are extremely humble. The 9 month DTS was perfect for me. I would have not wanted a shorter DTS. Before Going to England I had thought of doing missions, and after my 4 months of lecture I dreamed about missions. The Great Commission has become a passion of mine. As before it was just a thought. I know God has called me into full time Missions With YWAM. I am not sure exactly where I will go and what I will be doing, But I know that THe many things I have learned will go with me. I Have applyed for staff in Orlando and I am waiting to hear back the Reply, And I know I would not be in Orlando if I had not gone to England First. Because YWAM Derby Challenged me to Dream. Thank you YWAM Derby for all that you have done.

In Him

Nick Storment

Hi Steve & Jonathan

Some more from TKL -- Sept 07 outreach

Hannahs pics 232 = the guys on the team pulled down the old playground equipment and built a new one! They put their time and skills together to bless these children who come from underprivileged homes.

Albania 138 = the children get in on the work to help Ben and Sam get the sanding done.

IMG1118 = Kirsten was baptized on outreach in Albania!

Hope these are ok. Let me know if this is the type of thing you are wanting.



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