A plea for Linux

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Why Linux?

Ubuntu 9.10
  • It doesn't cost anything
    • XP Licences have to be payed per computer. Linux don't have to be paid at all. Just download, install, configure, and enjoy.
  • It is free
    • Not just as in "free beer", but also as in "free speach": you really can take it, adapt it, re-publish it, essantially do what you like. That fosters a culture of sharing your work & your knowledge.
  • It is almost virus-safe
    • As it is almost impossible to do any harm to the computer system itself, Linux perfectly qualifies for internet stations or other computer that are used by many persons at the same time. (However, you do need to install system updates.)
  • It doesn't need a good computer.
    • If you have not-up-to-date hardware, it is almost impossible to install Windows Vista or higher. Linux is less picky.
  • It is fun.
    • At least for Kev-The-Hasty and Pitpat. :-) You can modify almost everything at your ease. Want Windows who stay always at the Top? Pretty 3D Effects? Automatic Email notification when some system error occurs? Etc.

Why Not Linux?

In some cases, you may not want to install Linux. For example,

  • you need a specific program
    • Often there is no Linux version of software for accounting, or bible software. There are alternatives, but they will be a different program and maybe different Bible version etc.
    • There is some chance that you can run a Windows program in Linux by using Wine.
  • you have a brandnew or unusual hardware - Wifi, webcams, SD Card Reader are often a problem, and some graphic cards can't be used to their full extent of capabilities.
  • you are new to Linux and know nobody that could help you out in case of a Linux problem.
    • In this case, set up a Linux computer for yourself, use it as your day-in-day-out computer for one year, and you will have learnt most of how-to-find-solutions techniques. Then go ahead!
    • There are many background articles like this one on the net. Really, "try & google" will accomplish what you wants more often than not.
  • you can't afford getting addicted to Linux (see this cartoon :-)