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In Youth With A Mission (YWAM) we use a lot of abbreviations to make it easier to communicate about the different things we do. For people who are new to this YWAM language it is hard to understand this inside information. So let's not forgot to explain it what these abbreviations stand for.

ALT Africa Leadership Team BCW Basic Communication Workshop
BLS Basic Leadership School CRIT Communications, Research and Information Technology
DTS Discipleship Training School ELC English Language Culture
FCD Foundations in Community Development FMS Family Ministry School
FST Field Service Team ICN International Communications Network
JEM Jeunesse En Mission JMEO Jeugd Met Een Opdracht
JOCUM Jovens Com Uma Missão PCYM Principles of Child and Youth Ministries
SBCW School of Biblical Christian Worldview SBS School of Biblical Studies
SOE School Of Evangelism SOFM School Of Frontier Missions
SOW School Of Worship UofN University of the Nations
WELC Western European Leadership Consultation YWAM Youth With A Mission