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Formerly known as Methods and Models for Biblical Counseling

An intermediate course for those who want to increase their understanding of various models of biblical counseling. It also helps students know how to bring change where specific difficulties block spiritual development. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying inappropriate beliefs and feelings that keep an individual from developing a healthy Christian identity. The programme emphasizes understanding sexual identity issues and dysfunctional lifestyles, with the goal of healing at root levels. In addition, new goals are set in areas of personal development, skill development, and cognitive development, including evaluation and integration of various counseling models.

Field Assignment

In this application course, emphasis is placed on teaching individuals and groups the biblical basis for maturity, and on training others in the use of helping skills. There also may be a focus on counseling in a clinical setting and on developing models for counseling teams whose skills will enable them to be involved among unreached people groups of the world. Target groups for this field assignment include families with relationship breakdowns, people with personal identity issues, victims of sexual brokenness, and people struggling with stress and burnout.


This intensive course is designed for those who are or plan to be involved in some kind of counseling ministry and have demonstrated a basic ability and understanding in the area of counseling.

The course has a threefold purpose:

  • To build upon and increase one’s understanding of counseling and its Biblical foundation.
  • To teach and enhance counseling skills.
  • To foster personal development of character qualities necessary for a Christian counselor.

The program also includes the following components:

  • Understanding and applying the work of the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in counseling.
  • Models for the integration of Biblical truth with psychological truth.
  • Diagnosis of barriers to spiritual and emotional growth and maturity, as well as models for ministry into these barriers.
  • Developing your own Biblical worldview for counseling.
  • The Biblical basis for our sexual identity and ministering to a deficit in this area.
  • Qualifications of the Biblical counselor.
  • Models of different counseling styles and methods.
  • Practice in using and teaching counseling skills.
  • Instruction and practice in group skills.

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