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This page is depreciated as it is out of date. It is here for reference only. The most current information is available here: HIV/AIDS
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Implementation of YWAM General Policy on HIV and AIDS in the Workplace[1]


Any medical documentation submitted to YWAM in staff or student applicants becomes a record that must be treated confidentially. Ministry or school officials/leader, who have a need to know HIV status for the protections and benefit of the student or staff member concerned, must maintain the confidentiality of that information.

If an applicant, student or staff member is aware of having AIDS or HIV infection he/she is encouraged to report his/her infected status to either the Regional AIDS officer/National Director/ or whichever is appropriate. (It might also be appropriate to report information to the base leader.) YWAM endeavours to provide a loving environment in our communities where people feel free to disclose personal information and receive pastoral care and support.

Applications to YWAM

Youth With A Mission is committed to non-discrimination against those who are HIV positive. Decisions regarding medical conditions affecting job performance and acceptance in schools must be considered with appropriate leadership to the benefit of both parties.


Public health guidelines issued by the Centre of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, state that the kind of non-sexual person-to-person contact that generally occurs among workers and students in the workplace does not pose a risk for transmission of HIV. Thus, staff and students have no medically established basis for not wanting to work with fellow staff or students who have been or are suspected of being infected with HIV. To prevent unnecessary concerns, appropriate information and education on HIV infection and AIDS, including how the virus is transmitted, will be available to all staff and students.

Persons with potential occupational exposures to retroviruses, human blood, and blood products will receive further training sessions. Many YWAM ministries occur in high-risk areas such as work amongst street children, prostitutes, drug abusers, and teams working in highly unhygienic conditions. Further information will be available to those in this category.


Accommodations of staff or student's HIV-related illnesses will be considered in the same manner as for other staff or students whose medical conditions warrant such consideration. Staff and students with HIV infection or AIDS will be granted sick leave when they are incapable of performing their duties or when they have medical appointments.

Job Changes

Directors or other personnel considering restructuring, detail, reassignment or other changes in position to reasonably accommodate staff or students whose health is affected by HIV-related illnesses or AIDS must do so as they would for other staff or students whose medical conditions affect job performance. Policies governing qualification and placement must be observed and confidentiality maintained.

If withdrawal from the original assignment proves desirable, counselling and pastoral support will be provided with redeployment to a position of lower risk when possible.

Overseas Staff/Students

Staff and students on overseas assignments who become infected with HIV during their YWAM commitment should be encouraged to report this immediately to either the Regional AIDS Officer/National Director/or (or base leader, school leader, or outreach leader if appropriate). Such staff or students will be encouraged when appropriate to return to their home country as early as possible for pastoral support, discussion and treatment. Counselling and pastoral support will also be encouraged for immediate family, immediate work colleagues and other staff members if requested by the infected staff/student.

Applicants for overseas positions may be required by law of the receiving country(ies) to submit to an HIV test. (That testing is confidential with counselling and vocational advice available.)

Testing positive for HIV is not grounds for acceptance/rejection; however, future likelihood of illnesses will be discussed with the applicant and agreement reached regarding responsibility in the workplace medical expenses, and care of family and friends. YWAM is not liable to cover costs of health care of staff/students but will offer supportive counselling as available.


YWAM strongly recommends that all staff and students including those who are HIV and AIDS infected have adequate medical insurance for appropriate ongoing medical care. Applicants, staff, and students especially those travelling overseas, should as certain that their insurance coverage is sufficient to satisfy their personal needs and expectations. YWAM's personal health insurance counsellors are available for consultation.

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