Amtrak Revival Express

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Amtrak Revival Express

Raju (Dad) :

My wife's family were having a big wedding in New York. We did not have the money for her to fly there and felt very sad, but then somebody blessed us with the money to take the train from Whitefish, Montana to Long Island by Amtrak. The best part is that all of us could go.

Finney (8) : I wanted to see all my cousins and see New York City so I was very happy that my Mom and Dad both wanted to go so they took me, too.

Grace (Mom) : It is really not good in our home culture (Indian) to miss these big family events like weddings. But being YWAMers from India and living in America we did not have the finances to go.


We boarded the train in Whitefish and Grace fell asleep across my seat because she was so exhausted from all the packing and preparations for the wedding. I did not want to disturb her so I went up to the lounge and took a seat in the first available chair. This young man was sitting next to me. He looked at me and said, "You know God, don't you?"

So I replied, "Yes," and he immediately started weeping. He admitted that he was pretty far away from God. He was going to visit relatives on his Dad's side of the family who he had not seen in a long time. I prayed with him and felt God's presence to heal his heart and re-enter his life.

Then Grace woke up and joined me in the lounge car. Some other people had over-heard our conversation and asked if we knew God as well. So we prayed with them, also. Thus began a three day journey to New York, then a few days later a three day journey home which consisted of from 8 am to 10 pm at night, answering questions and praying for people for God to enter their lives.

We started singing hymns for our family time of worship and everybody joined in, even clapping along when they did not remember the words. We really felt God's presence even when we got a bit lost in Grand Central Station and had to ask directions to get back to our train.

On the way home people lined up to pray with Grace and I. Some were lined up for 45 minutes. I finally remember praying with a man in the Observation Car when I heard "next stop Whitefish, Montana" and said, "Excuse me but I have to get off here," and had to run to our seats so I could get our luggage, my wife and son off the train.

I just thank God for a great trip and that He Himself brought glory to His Name on Amtrak.