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How to make a Ministry Budget

Example of a DTS Budget

How to make a Personal Budget

cost centres

  • under estimate income
  • over estimate expenses

General items of income

  1. gifts - designated and un-desiganted
  2. Fees
    • Fees - schools
    • incoming school registration fees and deposits
    • contributions to General running costs from ministries
  3. staff fees
    • rent (staff)
    • use of YWAM facilites (rent or rent-like payments)
    • Staff use of YWAM facilities, phones, vehicles, postage, internet, fitness suites (I wish), photocopier
  • 1/3 1/3 1/3 suggestion

General items of expense

  • rent, mortgages
  • maintainance
  • admin costs (stationary etc.)
  • publicity costs
  • insurances
  • utilities: gas, electricity, water
  • Telephone and Internet bills
  • Postage
  • Local Taxes
  • Insurances
  • General travel costs
  • Repairs to office equipment
  • General purchase of equipment


  • individual ministry costs
  • contributions to General running costs

National Costs


  • when major costs come in...ways of coping - bill paying fund (set 250 aside monthly)
  • spreadsheets are useful... (link to an open office tutorial)