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When you get this message on your article, you don't need to panic. We just want to suggest to you that some changes need to be made on your page.

The idea is to stimulate multiplication of ministries. The YWAM Knowledge Base has this focus to help others to start new things, like schools or new teams. Explore new things, like doing evangelism in a renewed way. Copy things that are working great, like a Cafe ministry or 24hrs of prayer. And on finding help, like how to get staff and students for your school.

So if your article is to much of an advertisement, this is what you can do:

  • Think and pray about what needs to be changed.
  • Question: what can others learn from this page, ministry, etc.
  • Question: how can someone do the same? What did I learn from starting this?
  • Instead of making an advertisement you can put a link to your website.
  • Write an article with your own thoughts, don't copy them from a website.

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