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Community Faces

Organisations live from and by its members. And this project specifically emphasises Community.

Even if you are not a regular contributor, or didn't contribute yet - tell us and the world what you value about YWAM KB!

(See also YWAMKnowledgeBase:Endorsements and Thanks)

How To

  • Pick a free slot (blue link where there is no name after it) in the list below. Write your name behind it.
  • Click on it. You will see a template that you should use. Click on edit.
  • Write your statement.
  • Upload your photo.
    • First resize your photo to 180 x 180 Pixel.
    • Upload it, specifying YourUsername.jpg as Destination filename.
    • Go back to your statement and edit the media link to match File:YourUsername.jpg as before.

(If all this sounds too complicated to you, we will be happy to help you.)


  1. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/01 Kevin
  2. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/02 Arnoud
  3. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/03 Pitpat
  4. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/04 M
  5. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/05 Steve
  6. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/06 Peter
  7. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/07 Ian
  8. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/08 Repeat Arnoud
  9. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/09 Repeat M
  10. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/10 Repeat Steve
  11. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/11 Repeat Pitpat
  12. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/12 Repeat Peter
  13. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/13 Repeat Steve
  14. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/14 Repeat Kevin
  15. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/15 Repeat Ian
  16. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/16 Repeat M
  17. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/17 Repeat Steve
  18. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/18 Repeat Pitpat
  19. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/19 Repeat Peter
  20. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/20 Repeat Steve
  21. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/21 Repeat Kevin
  22. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/22 Repeat Arnoud
  23. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/23 Repeat Ian
  24. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/24 Repeat Steve
  25. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/25 Repeat Pitpat
  26. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/26 Repeat Peter
  27. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/27 Repeat Pitpat
  28. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/28 Repeat Kevin
  29. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/29 Repeat Arnoud
  30. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/30 Repeat Ian
  31. YWAMKnowledgeBase:CommunityFaces/31 Repeat Pitpat

Technical Details

The following 31 pages are selected by {{Template:CommunityFaces}} from the following pages depending on the day of the month.

When starting a new page or erasing a day of the month putting this: {{subst:Template:CommunityFacesAndWords}} will draw in the text.


The YWAMKB Community...
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"I started the Knowledge Base because I am passionate that all YWAMers everywhere will have all the knowledge and skills at their fingertips that they need to excel in building God's Kingdom"

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