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This a draft. Help us by dreaming, structuring, networking, ... whatever.

Initial Request

Couriers for Missions

I would like to initiate an idea and a need for discussion and see if anyone is interested...

It is very common for missionaries to need something from their home country. It is very expensive to send things by mail. Also many times missionaries need a way to receive a support gift. It can be very expensive to do this and senseless if they are small gifts. I would love to see an internet based courier service which would present the travels of YWAMers, both individuals and teams, who are willing to bring with them needed items for missionaries on the field. It might also be possible to send gifts from family, friends or their supporting churches. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Is it possible?

Thank you, Bob

Thoughts: Would a Internet Platform Be Useful?

Why Another Platform?

Use Cases

Where could a platform help networking?

Wendy Forgot Her Charger

Wendy is staff at YWAM Orlando, USA. At her last trip to Brussels, she forgot their mobile phone charger there. However, she will come to Herrnhut in two weeks. How can she use this plattform?