E-Team Skien

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E-Team Skien


  • Britt Solveig Oleivsgard (ETEAM and SOE Skien Leader)
  • Christian Kjekshus (ETEAM Leader)
  • Kathrine Weld
  • Laila Dahle


The E-team in Skien/ Porsgrunn started in August 2008.


Students at the local college. We work closely together with a church who focuses a lot on student-work.

What We do:

  • Student-dinners (every-other Wednesday)
  • Sports -group
  • "God for dummies" (introduction course)

Our Goal:

To see the students and the student-environment of Porsgrunn and Skien radically changed.

And to see the effects of the things happening here sweep across Norway!