E-team Harpenden

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E-Team Harpenden


  • Yan Nicholls (E-team Leader)
  • Colin Gruetzmacher
  • Hayley Bullen


Yan and Claire Nicholls started the first E-team, in Harpenden, in the year 2000. See: E-Teams


  1. Training and developing other people in evangelism. We do this in a variety of ways, both supporting Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), Schools of Evangelism (SOE), and running courses for churches and partnering with other Christian organizations on national projects. For example: We are working with Urban Saints and their Re-act Missions, helping them in their training.
  2. Creating and setting up an YWAM England outreach centre to enable teams from overseas to have a positive missions experience in England.
  3. Helping to shape and define YWAM Englands London Olympic Outreach 2012. For the Olympic-Outreach we are developing a video and a website to encourage people to sign up and join the party.