ESL Games: Guess the Flashcard

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Teaching English is an incredible way to build relationships, serve a community and to share the Gospel. But teaching young kids can be tough and using games is a great way to keep students attention and to teach English. One of the best ways to teach English is to use flashcards with new vocabulary words. After teaching the new words I will hold the cards so that only I can see the new vocabulary word. Then I have half the class as one team and the other half as the opposing team. Each team has one person guess the card, if their guess is wrong the other team gets to guess. Whichever team guesses right gets a point, and obviously the team the ends with the most points is the winner.

Fun variation:

So sometimes I will make it me (the teacher) vs. them (the students) as opposed to half the class vs. the other half. Whichever student guesses the card correctly plays me in a game of paper, rock, scissors… if I beat them I give the teachers a point, if they win I give the students a point. First to five points wins or whoever ends with the most points wins. And sometimes I make the losing team sing a song.

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