End of DTS Staff Report

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At the end of a DTS, staff may be encouraged to write a report evaluating different areas of the DTS which carried some influence, according to their effectiveness. The report may be worked on individually, then discussed as a group as a form of debrief, but also for the sake of adding a verbal element of feedback more suited to verbal processors or a DTS director/leader who will better receive feedback orally.

YWAM Ireland Report

(Staff will comment in complete thoughts of several sentences or more per subject.  This particular report was administered individually, then processed in a group, with additional notes being made by the DTS leader after hearing the staff.)

Please comment on the following subjects:

  1. Rules and policies, how they affected the school, how they were chosen, consistency of implementation or enforcement, what you would change, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Lecture phase location, strengths and weaknesses, how it affected the school.
  3. Academic work for DTS, what you would change, what it was like, most effective, least effective.
  4. Local outreaches, describe types of ministries, strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Scheduling and use of time during DTS (programme and personal).
  6. Small groups or other processing times, your strategy, format of meetings and frequency, how these factors contributed to the DTS, what you would change.
  7. Preparation for outreach phase, what you used the time for (what you prepared for outreach), effectiveness of meeting times, what you would change.
  8. Outreach phase location, how it was chosen, why it was chosen (in your understanding), strengths and weaknesses as an outreach location.
  9. Non-DTS staff's contribution to the environment and running of the school.
  10. DTS staff meeting times, describe what they were like, what you would change.
  11. Other DTS staff, relationships, communication, what you would change.
  12. DTS leadership, relationship, communication, what you would change, if you felt supported or not.
  13. Staffing as a learning experience for you, areas of growth, effectiveness, what you would change.
  14. Characteristics, focuses, ministries, or areas of this DTS which would specifically prepare a trainee to staff with YWAM in Ireland. Suggestions for improvement.
  15. Nature and helpfulness of the BLS
  16. Three interview system and the percentage of trainees remaining in missions and/or YWAM
  17. Any further comments or suggestions for improvement / change.


25px-Pdf.png YWAM_Ireland_End_of_DTS_Staff_Report.pdf