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First week of the DTS I hand out an evaluation sheet and tell them two things -- this is how the will be evaluated at the end of the DTS and secondly, it will be done by themselves and their small group leader.

Here is the form and below are the instructions I give to school leaders.

25px-Pdf.png Final evaluation form for DTS Students

As a result of seeing some things at the Auckland Teachers college I made some changes to DTS student evaluations. One of them was letting students know at the beginning of the course how they would be evaluated at the end of the course. That way there would be no surprises for them and no sense that we had invented some reason to fail them. it appealed to my innate sense of justice as well as good education.

In the first week of the DTS the small groups would look at this form, at the end of the lecture phase and during the debrief after the outreach the student and staff would complete it together and the debrief one would remain as their final evaluation. The final evaluation would then be kept for one year and no more -- beyond that it would become increasingly irrelevant!

You could certainly use something like this -- anything more complicated and the students are likely to find loopholes all over the place!! I know it looks a bit simple and I have no idea if I would do it the same now, but, things like ablity to work together, self-motivate, concern for others, responsibility etc are a good basis to say if someone should go on outreach or not.

What do you think?


Student Evaluation

Students Name

Small Group Leader Date

Please use the following to place a number in the score column.

3 2 1 n
pretty good normal needs working on no idea
  Score Comment
1 Self-Motivation _________________________________________
2 Self-Discipline
3 Recognition of abilities
4 Ability to work with others
5 Relationship with others
6 Concern for high standards
7 Responsibility
8 Faithfulness
9 Wisdom
10 Flexibility & Adaptability
11 Relationship with DTS leaders
12 Relationship with God
13 Participation in corporate spiritual life
14 Stewardship
15 Evangelism
16 Missions
17 Personal appearance

Notes for each of the above list:

  1. Self-disciplined, dependence on others for motivation, ability to take initiative, enthusiasm
  2. Personal habits, regularity of quiet time, sleeping
  3. Security in God, confidence in self, recognition of gifts and abilities and freedom to exercise them without fear of others or sense of inadequacies
  4. Small group participation, evangelism team participation, community living, work duty, general cooperation
  5. Willingness to serve others, concern for others, (punctuality, state of bedroom), honesty, and willingness to share personally.
  6. Standard of work---slap-happy or thorough?
  7. "There is no rule number 7!!!!!!!" (Why? Bruce?)
  8. Determination, dependability, principles, personal stability, perseverance, ability to plan and achieve goals.
  9. Common sense, wisdom with money, ability to understand and apply Biblical principles, judgement and discernment, ability to make good decisions.
  10. Coping with change.
  11. Submission, cooperation.
  12. Prayer-life and Bible study, willingness to here and apply hitherto unknown Biblical truth, knowledge and understanding of God's ways and character, ability to trust God.
  13. DTS prayer times, praise and worship, intercession.
  14. Use of time, possessions and talents, gifts (hospitality, organizations, evangelism, prophecy...)
  15. Participation in small group and DTS evangelism, ease and skill of sharing his faith, ability to communicate personally his goal s, values and beliefs.
  16. Commitment to knowing and doing God's will, understanding the churches role in missions.

What does the student consider his calling to be?

Would you recommend this student to participate in further YWAM schools? If not why not?

Would you recommend this student to become a longer term YWAMer? If not why not?

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