Evangelism Practical Examples

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Not that know how is everything. Step out and take risks. A bit fearful, read what others did. Here some practical examples:

I would like to add my thoughts to this discussion...

  • You want to do evangelism, or you don't really know how to start a conversation on the street or in the local supermarket, or do you have some great stories to share about encounters you had with people in your community. Look on this page and share what your story is: What Have I Learned About Evangelism?
  • The public square, at the front of the local supermarket, at a mayor event, in the park. Think about the mayor cities in the world and think about the local market square. What can you do there? Drama! Preaching! Dancing! Giving out food or drinks! Flyers! Share love! Free Hugs! Find it here or share your experiences: Open Air Evangelism
  • How to respond to the big flow or immigrants of Muslims? It is a mayor question asked at many places around the world. What should your response be? Didn't Jesus call us to go to every nation, but what if the nations are coming to you? How should you reach your neighbor with the love that God has for them. Learn from others or share what you have learned from reaching out to Muslims. How to witness to Muslims
  • To travel around the world gives us lot of opportunity to see much and have great experiences. What about encountering someone who explain the Gospel. What about having a holiday and return not only with a nice brown tan from the sun, but to have this new experience, this new relationship with God. Enjoy your holiday! Witnessing to backpackers
  • Winters are cold. How to survive until spring comes. Well, try out something else. Start a big snow fight in the middle of town. Bring hot chocolate, coffee, soup, cookies and start a big party with snow and ice. Snowball Evangelism