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Excellent shortmovies...

  • Are based on a (single) (good) idea:
    Nothing is more boring than photos rendered to a slideshow. What makes your movie worthwhile producing, and as such, worthwhile watching? Intention? Message? What makes it unique?
  • Tell a story:
    Postmodern times emphasise the symbolic, concrete and narration, sometimes based on "true stories". In videos, stories don't always need words, but they certainly need a inherit logic, a progression, etc. (See Visual Storytelling). Unlike full-sized movies, shortmovies normally have a simple plot (one line of narration, one conflict, not many characters etc.).
  • Move the audience:
    Communication always has to ends, sender and receiver. As such, the clip should draw into the story, but at the same time be relevant to the watcher's life.
  • Use appropriate means:
    Remember the times you first used colored pencils? Or Powerpoint? Everything has to be tried out. Yet, after some time, one realises that few effects, used at the right place, can actually have more impact. Don't use complicated techniques if your clip doesn't need them!


YWAM England Promo Clip

Jesus House Promo Clip

  • Idea:
    Real life, Real People. Come and join!
  • Story:
    This one is interesting. It doesn't have an explicit story, and yet, it is gripping: like a typical story, the spectator is progressing from "what are these letters doing here??" (Intro) to "I think I know, this will be some kind of word" to "Do I know the following letters?" (climax) to "Oh, yes, that's what all the letters meant viewed together." (end)
  • Moving:
    Trying to provoke reaction like: Why do all those actors look at me so nicely? Where are they going? They are so different, this could be me. What is Jesus House, a concert?
  • Means:
    Many short shots to keep the interest & keep the movie short. Lively, contemporary music. The many different actors emphasise the community-aspect of the event.

Progress Breakdown

(This video is an entry to the Sparky Awards 2009)

The Windmill Farmer

  • Idea:
    Green Energy = Growing Windmills? Give your life to keep it.