Father Heart of God

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Father Heart of God

Notes taken from Marine Reach Ministries' January 2006 Pacific Challenge DTS.'
Lecturer: Captain Jesse Misa

Notetaker: Bonar Bell

Day 1

Proverbs 2 -- We are on the DTS to find the knowledge of God.

Matthew 6:9-15  - If we doubt our identity, our holiness, or purpose, read this verse.

  • We are sons and daughters of God
  • We are set apart in His eyes
  • We are God's people, to bring the Kingdom to the people.
  • We have a job to do!
  • There is no fear in the enemy, because he is afraid of us. We need Jesus because He is the "Bread of Life".

"The only people who can enter the kingdom of God are His children."

God has open arms.
God knows all of our darkness, sin, etc.
God is going to open our hearts during the DTS. "Heart Surgery"

"Identity comes through fatherhood." -- Our genealogy

Q: What is the greatest gift that God has given you?
A: Identity (if we were never born, we would never have existed).

The condition of being a specific person or thing.
It establishes who we are.
Main strategy of the enemy is to have us lose our identity; make us believe that we are nobody.
We aspire to be like Jesus, so His name is validated.

Existence; who we are.
The very nature of that definition can only be completed if we know where we've come from.

"Where we have come from is our reference point. Without this, we are lost."

Revelations 4:11 -- We are wonderfully made.

"Finding identity makes us "stable"

YWAM's Motto: Know God and Make Him Known.

Q: How can we present someone we don't know?
A: With much difficulty!
"I know my product and love it."

Q: Why do we exist?
A: Because God ordained it.
Q: For what purpose?
A: To belong and have fellowship with Him.

"God says 'You belong to me', but you have to have an effort."

VIDEO: "Moses and the Burning Bush"

Burning bush is in our hearts. "I will be with you," says God.

"The reason there is so little dynamic personal growth in the church today is because so few ever made the transition from knowing God as Lord, to knowing God as Father" -- Ralph Hale

  • God created us because He loves us, not so we will serve Him.
  • God has ordained a purpose for our lives.
    • Memorize Psalm 37:23-24 "God delights in our ways".

Luke 10:22
"...and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him."
The father will be revealed if we are willing

Day 2

The Profound and Divine Relationship of the Holy Trinity

1) Modalism - Father is the Son
Son is the Father
Father is the Spirit
Spirit is the Son

2) Subordination - Son and Spirit are Subordinate to the Father

3) Tritheism - Three Separate Gods, Not 3 persons in one.

4) Triunity - 3 Persons in One. All 3 are God in one unique divine relationship.** This is the way we must see the trinity.

Genesis 1 & John 1 - Triunity exists: Father, Son, Spirit

You can read scriptures over and over, but it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you.

Attributes of God:

1) The Nature of God
2) The Personality of God
3) The Character of God

The Nature of God:

Who God is that we will never be: Infinite: God is without end; without beginning

Q: If God made man, who made God?

-When Identity isn't found in God, we will find solace in other things. E.g., drugs, alcohol, etc.

If we are with others that are the same, we feel like we belong. If we are with people who are worse off than us, we feel better. It is just human nature.
We are created for fellowship.
DTS does not equal perfection, nor does it equal Identity in Christ.

Ephesians - Helmet of Salvation, B/C the battle starts in mind.
Without reality established of where you have started and where you are, you will lose the battle.
No one is fighting a losing battle with Jesus. We are built on a solid rock, not on sand.
Don't be slack, and DON'T LET THE ENEMY ROB YOU OF JOY!
The passivity, negativity, opposition comes from the enemy. Enemy takes away our identity.
"If you follow me, I will take you to places you have never been" - God.
God will take you somewhere physically and spiritually, where you have never been.
Monday to Saturday is a blessing from God, and Sunday is for US to bless HIM.

  • "There are a lot of Christian bulimics out there".

1Kings 8:27; Psalm 147:5 - The Infinite God

Who God is that we will never be: OMNIPOTENT - His ability to do whatever He wills

Job 42:2, Matt. 19:26, Luke 1:37, Rev. 19:6

The word is NOT all of God. God is MUCH bigger than the Bible.
God doesn't need the Bible. He met with Moses, Job, Abram, etc. without the Bible.
The Bible was written because we have finite minds. It is the only thing we can understand.

We need to repent of unbelief, and start believing that God can do all things.

God perfectly and eternally knows all things. Prov. 15:11, Isaiah 46:10

God in all power sees 2 paths for us:

1) Wide road to destruction
2) Narrow road to Jesus

"Connection points" to re-join with Jesus. God is going to bring us back on the narrow path.
The call on your life for today cannot be completed tomorrow. It is gone if you refuse to act.

God is everywhere at once. Not in part, but in whole. (All present)

Psalm 129:7-12

Day 3

Personality of God

"Who God is we are:"

1) Intellect
To reason/understand or perceive relationships/differences
Great mental capacity

2) Ability
High intelligence
We have God's DNA
We have to do something about it to engage it.
God's intellect is like ours:

Exodus 3:6, 14 - Self Conscious
Job 13:3 - Reasons
Isaiah 41:4 - Imagination and Memory

Memory is the sum total of who we are.
e.g., Alzheimer's is so powerful and it rips us of our memory AND our identity.

God wants to confront it. Good or Bad
Feeling sorry for yourself feels good because you get attention, but God wants to engage those memories.

"Who God is we are..."

State of consciousness having to do with the arousal of feelings, distinguished from other mental states, as cognition, volition and awareness of physical sensation.
The fullness of God's Emotion is in us. Habbakuk 3:3, Psalm 104:31

Act of using the will; exercise of the will as in deciding what to do.
Base your existence on GOD, not on what PEOPLE will have for your life.
Deuteronomy 4:34
We never do anything because we base our Christianity on what others think, not what God thinks.

"What God is we are to become..."

Functions of God:

Proof of the pudding: Tasting it!
Luke 9:18-20 "Who do you say I am?"

Day 4

Do I have the faith to believe in, and testify in Jesus when a gun is pointed at my head??

The storms are greater from within, than without.

(Exercise on board -- write things that we don't believe about God)

Regardless of things we wrote on the board, the prophet Isaiah said, "Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength".

Q: What feelings do you have when you belong?
A: Wholeness.
God intended for us to be whole with a father AND a mother.
This is the Father heart of God.

Whole -- W = Hole.

Q: What is God really like? Do we see the Truth?

In a stained glass window, you don't see the pure light; only the colored perception.

You take the things that surround you and you use it to change how you perceive it. "Our stained glass window" (See Appendix .

God wants us to see pure light.

God is represented by our father and mother together, that is how God ordained it.

E.g., Our father and mother are the stained glass, and the pure light is the father heart of God, so how we perceive our mom and dad is how we see God.

Parental Attributes
Parental Authority (Eph 6:4)

Our perception of God in terms of the authority we know of our earthly father will define our yielding to him (Puppy dog syndrome).
Generational sins are passed on without letting up.
God is perfect love. Authority is based on free will; not instigated to believe in Him because of fear.
God only disciplines those he loves.

Parental Faithfulness (2 Tim 2:13; John 10:10)

The unfaithful acts of our parents can lead to some of these feelings:
Don't feel God's presence
Sense of Cynicism and distrust to God
God has always been there from the very first time you walked, to the last time you sinned.

Parental Generosity (1John 3:1)

Q: Did your parents ever make you feel that things were more important than you?

Q: Did you find at times that others seemed more valuable than you?

God is so generous. He is always giving and full of Joy when he gives.

Parental Affection (Hosea 11:4)

Q: Have your parents given you a hug lately, or have you given them one?

Q: When was the last time you received a loving stroke from your mom or dad?

Q: Do you know how attractive you are to God?

Parental Presence (1Peter 5:7)

Q: How many times had you eaten by yourself and no parents there to share it with you?

Q: When you had a school performance and no one watched?

Parental Acceptance (Zeph. 3:17)

We live in a performance based society. Acceptance is always conditional.
We find ourselves not being able to cope or be good enough.
For God so loves us because he IS love.
No need to perform or strive for people's acceptance or love, because God loves and accepts us.
We perform for an audience of one.

Parental Communication (John 3:16)

Do you have a problem looking people in the eye?
Was the only time you had eye-contact with your parents when you were being yelled at or criticized?

God wants to communicate with us. He wants to talk to you and hold you.

Parental Discipline (Hebrews 12:6)

Q: Were you ever unjustly punished, scolded or verbally abused?
Q: Do you carry scars of punishment on your body, or in your heart?
The father's heart knows your brokenness and wants to extend you discipline instead of punishment.
"Rain on Me" --Videoclip.

Types of Father
The Good Father

He is just that: Good. He provides all the basic needs both physically and emotionally. He spends time with his children. He nurtures and loves the in all the right ways.

Performance Oriented Father

Strict demands for a child's perfect obedience and high performance.
If not balanced with large amount of expressed love, affirmation, and praise, often results in many problems later in life.
This father often says he loves you, but that love is only expressed when you have measured up to his strict expectations.

Passive Father

No great demands for his children, fails to be home, even when he is home.
Don't speak words of love that children need to hear. No physical touch.

The Absent Father

Death, Divorce or Abandonment
Abandonment issues and difficult to relate to God. Feels like it is their fault that the father left.
(Hebrews 13:5)

The Dominant/Demanding Father

Demand obedience and performance.
No real emotional relationship between the father and child
Intimidation and fear
Family revolves around the father.

The Abusive Father

Verbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse
Need deep healing that can only come through the Holy Spirit.
Pouring love of God into our hearts (Romans 5:5)
Sexual abuse creates one of the deepest wounds a child can ever receive, for it often results in tremendous hidden core pain.

<EXERCISE: Letter to Parents>

Day 5

Having a bad day?

The Wounded Spirit of Man

Jesus didn't come for those who are healthy, but those who are sick.
Prov. 18:14; Prov. 15:13

Roots of Rejection

By the time of conception (In Japan and China, birthday is based on time of conception).
Mother's attitude towards unborn child.
Rejection during birth.
Unwanted baby -- Given away
Rejected parents sometimes produce rejected children.
Born opposite to what parents wanted.
Constant criticism by authority figure.
Unjust discipline
Being called ugly or bad names (God created beauty)
Having favourites and unequal attention.
Passive fathers
Not receiving forgiveness
Driven to excel in schools and to perform
Parent's lack of interest in their children.

Rejection Caused by Our Own Attitudes

Shame of inferiority because we lack things
Shame over abortion
Women who have abortions are more likely to have mental problems.
Rejection over personal experiences
Broken relationships
Failure to find help after lots of ministry / counseling
Let down by people we trust.

Roots of Rejection Produce:
Aggressive Reactions

Refusing comfort, rejecting others, hardness or harshness, skepticism or unbelief, rebellion.

Self Rejection

Low self image, inferiority, insecurity, sadness, non-communicative
Fear of failure, fear of others' opinions
Depression and hopelessness

Opposite of Self Rejection

Performance, aloneness, independence, self-protective, self-righteous, critical, envy, self-pity, manipulative, possessive, perfectionist.
James 1; Matt.18

4 Basic Emotional Needs

1) Unconditional Expressed Love
2) Feel secure and comforted
3) The need for praise and affirmation
4) A purpose in life

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