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Intro: Miracles Are They Still Happening?

What is that when you pray and there is gold dust on your hands? How can that crazy thing happen when you lay hands on someone and you ask for healing and it actually happens? Did you hear that story about the guy who was beaten up, send to the hospital and he died. People in church prayed for him and he comes back to life!

In this documentary these stories are included. Director Darren Wilson travels all around the world to see for himself all these stories he heard. Starting in the USA, Darren also examined the finger of God in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Review: is This Real or Not?

So gold dust. It is funny when talking with some of my fellow YWAMers there is still scepticism. Can this be true? Is this exactly the way God acts? Or are people playing tricks on us? Well, the documentary might not supply enough insight on that. But that is in general not the question to be answered at all. Finger of God especially wants to highlight the fact that God even today is working in many miraculous ways. Expect the unexpected! Jesus said: "whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these" Jn 14:12 So it is up to you and me to find out if it is true.


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