Free Hugs

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For Free Hugs not much is needed. The picture gives you a splendid example of how to do it.

  • Making a sign is a great idea. Here you see it is shaped in a heart, but other ways are possible too. You can make a big banner or just get a piece of cardboard and a black marker. Of course keep in mind who is your audience. Although it does work very well internationally to write "Free Hugs" in English, it is also important to have it in the language of the people you are reaching out to. Ask one of the local people of how to spell it in their language.
  • Big smile. Sure that is important too. Although it is quite easy once you have hugged one or two people, first have your heart at the right place. So before you start with hugging people, pray that God fills you up with His joy. Well, and than just enjoy!!