Fresh Expression Network Meeting 2015-01-14

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We had a fabulous first network day last week on Wed 14th Jan. 20 wonderful people came from miles around. We welcomed YWAMers from Cambridge, Sheffield, The Lodge, Coventry, Harpenden and more!

Summary of day

A deep and loving community...
The single key thought that touched us all was from the photo from Jen and David's wedding: Them plus their Polish friends... It framed the concept of Fresh Expressions so well: It is about creating genuine communities, where discipleship happens. Any when you follow that thought you realise just why YWAMers will be so good at this!

Matt Partington kicked off the day with a great reflection of bringing Christ to the least likely places with power and boldness. Kevin explained more about Fresh Expressions (presentation attached), the way they work, the importance of context and how vitally important planting a Fresh Expression is as we consider the mission needs of the people in these islands of ours. Andrew Taylor lead us in a rich prayer time using the Psalms and we followed with some reports from Sheffield and Cambridge on what they are doing. We talked and discussed some more then finished with a powerful prayer time together.


There are a couple of reports to add to the mix. Chris Penfold sent an update on YWAM Canterbury and their partnership which is planting a church in an ASDA cafe. Pictures included!

How would you advise Paddy?
Linn from Carlisle (who couldn't make it) is working with St Luke's, Moreton. She and Craig are meeting with the vicar and other couples to think through how to plant a Fresh Expression there. She also sent me the following picture of Paddy outside her hairdressing salon where she works: She has lead several people to the Lord. What advice would you give her following all we discussed last week?

Next dates

The outcome is that this was a great start to the network and we will be meeting again soon. Next dates will be:

  • 1-3 May at some point during the Family Gathering
  • 9 September 2015


I typed up the contact list and added a few names of those who wrote afterwards saying they missed the day and wanted to be in the loop and others who I know wanted to be in the loop anyway. Please find attached.

That's it for now. Please send your solutions to Paddy's opportunity! Also if you think there are people I should contact or YWAM teams who want to discuss Fresh Expressions more then please let me know. I will aim to be in touch in a month or so. Please send news and pictures and I will get the news out to everyone!