Fruitful Practices

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This is a page to jot down a paragraph or two, (or longer) about what is actually working in your location.  It may be recruiting a new staff member, witnessing to a new person, raising a bit of money, anything that the rest of us would find helpful.


Open Mic Nights

Running or hosting an open mic night is a great way to build relationships with local musicians both amature and professional. The Open Mic nights tend to draw creative people, often who sing from the heart and are very much in touch with their thoughts. They are often Spiritual people. Making strong and deep relationships comes easily and it provides great opportunity for sharing your own faith with people in song, from the heart. Places where this is actively pursued:  YWAM Edinburgh, YWAM  Brussels, YWAM Brighton

Ark -- Acts of Random Kindness

On Liverpool's 800th birthday we gave out balloons which said, "Thank you God for Liverpool" and wished people happy birthday. People loved it. And then put home made biscuits in little bags and gave them out on the street. People were blown away. Watch the film Evan Almighty. He wanted to change the world and discovered that the world is changed by one act of random kindness at a time. The movie Pay it Forward captures some of the same stuff.

Treasure Hunt

Patrick told the story of a recent team that he hosted. They came from Skien in Norway (see for more) and were only here for a few days. Patrick suggested that they simply listen to God and then go where He sent them. So they then spent some time waiting quietly on God. Patrick saw an image of a young woman and described it for the rest of the team. Others heard God say where to go, with other details. They consulted a map and thought there was a particular street that they should go to.

So they went... and sure enough they found a young woman like the one Patrick had seen. They showed her the picture he had drawn. The team then talked and shared about how much God really loved her. I can't imagine that she could not be amazed that there is a God who knows her that intimately! They took her into a local church and spent time praying with her as well

We were all quite stunned when Patrick told us this story and thrilled that God can make use of our availability. It encourages me to keep listening out for the quiet nudge from God to greet people and to speak with them.