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Did You Notice?

Maybe you have noticed, maybe not. But there are a lot of women in church, they really outnumber the men. Where did the men go? The same thing for YWAM! I see more girls than guys, why is that?

It is time to make some more strategies guys! We need to dig into our masculinity and involve more men in church. If you have any great idea's, share them here.

Here is one article that Steve Sullivan added.

Great Evangelism Idea for Reaching Men From York in England

Sent: 27 October 2008 16:09
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It is a subject few men like to talk about -- but one that causes many a sleepless night.

Now one of the region's leading urologists is offering blokes the chance to "ask anything" about their most private of parts at a men's health evening held at St Paul's Church, Holgate, on Monday.(NOV3) 

Dr Graham Urwin, a York-based consultant urologist, will talk frankly and informatively on subjects including the causes of erectile malfunction, prostate cancer symptoms, the male menopause, sexually-transmitted diseases and stress.

The Bishop of Selby, the Right Reverend Martin Wallace will also discuss male spirituality at the men-only event, which organisers have dubbed "Beer, Nuts and Bishops".

A previous health evening staged by the pair helped to save a man's life when he discovered he had prostate cancer after being told what to look for by Dr Urwin.

His condition was successfully treated because he unearthed the problem early enough.

"The evening is about advancing the cause of male health awareness -- body, mind and spirit," Dr Urwin said.

"I will be covering the whole spectrum of men's health and there are no questions off limits. We will be exploring what it means to be a man in the 21st Century and I'm sure most blokes will find it useful whether they are 18 or 80."

Event organiser Neville Ward, who co-ordinates St Paul's activities for men, said his team will serve beer and nibbles to those attending who will get the opportunity to ask the doctor and the bishop questions anonymously.

Dr Urwin will also circulate a health-check leaflet so they can give themselves a personal examination when they get home.

"I'm sure it will be a lot of fun as well as being educational," Neville said.

Vicar of St Paul's Church, the Rev John Lee, said: "Most men really hate going to see the doctor, so an evening with Dr Urwin involving beer, snacks and some laughs is really helpful.

"The doctor and Bishop Martin are going to help us not only look at how we live healthier lives but also to explore the purpose of our lives from a Christian perspective."

Doors open at 8pm and entry is £3 which includes nibbles and a free pint of beer or soft drink.

For more information log-on to the St Paul's website at