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There are many ways to work with local churches. Some years ago the greenhouse Café programme was devised following a shared staff meeting between the staff of YWAM Brussels and a dynamic local church The Well.

Greenhouse Café

Is a simple training course in the evening for people of more than one church to meet, eat together and apply Christian principles in their lives.

Vision and Values


  • That Christians will be inspired to follow Christ more deeply
  • That Christians will become effective and active in their daily witness for Christ in actions and in words
  • That Christians will grow friendships across church congregations for unity's sake


  • Greenhouse Café bases its teaching on Biblical values that are shared between the participating churches.
  • Greenhouse Café welcomes all who are eager to learn
  • Greenhouse Café always includes a shared meal
  • Greenhouse Café charges for the training but will not prevent people from joining due to inability to pay

Multiplying it

If you are agree with the Vision and Values and can run the course with the same ethos, you are welcome to be a part of the Greenhouse Café community! This means you have freedom to use the graphics and materials for your publicity. You can also use our talks and send us your own talks and materials for other Cafés to share. All we ask is that you clearly associate yourselves with us and help others to join the community. We don't think this is too burdensome!

We have plans to create a website on which we can plot all the different locations where the Café is running, share resources and ideas, give feedback and discuss how we can make this more effective.

How to Run it

A Greenhouse Café has 3 terms each consisting of a series of 6 evenings. During each term there are two teaching tracks running. The teaching tracks are designed to be complementary. Participants can do one or the other or both of the teaching tracks. They must come for the meal however many tracks they take.

The Setting A cafe! Small round tables.

A Greenhouse Café evening
Time Item Details
6:30 Welcome and registration (first two weeks) Serve Coffee tea etc. and some biscuits.
6:45 Start of Track 1 75 Minutes of interactive training. Splitting often for small group discussion around tables
8:00 Meal Time A light meal is served. More coffee is poured. 5 minutes before we restart the participants are asked to get ready and the food is cleared away.
8:45 Start of Track 2
10:00 Finish People often like to stay to chat and clear up together.


  • A small pleasant exercise book and a suitable pen are included in the cost for each participant. The book needs to fit on the table.
  • Talks are recorded and teaching materials (presentations, handouts etc) are distributed as MP3's and PDF's

Feedback On the last two evenings feedback sheets are distributed and comments sought as to the effectiveness of the teaching.