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To divide a text with headings makes it easier to read and pick out the main points in a text. They also automatically make it possible to have a content overview on a page, like the example you can find here on this page in the right corner.

They are very simple to make by using "=" equals. Don't ask how Wiki came up with that idea.

To make a Heading, surround a title with equal signs:

Examples: Use around the word: Wikitext
Level 1 Heading
1 equal sign
=Example Heading level 1=
Level 2 Heading
2 equal signs
==Example Heading level 2==
Level 3 Heading
3 equal signs
===Example Heading level 3===
Level 4 Heading
4 equal signs
====Example Heading level 4====

On page:

Example Heading level 1

Example Heading level 2

Example Heading level 3

Example Heading level 4