How Does HIV/AIDS spread

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My family has been caring for an HIV+ orphan since 2011 and we’ve learned a lot from our journey. The truth is most of us are uneducated or misinformed about HIV/AIDS and because of that many who are affected by this virus lead isolated lives.

I want to be part of the answer and help educate people about this virus. I hope that those of you wanting to work with people who are HIV+/AIDS can be encouraged by this info and also you can be prepared to answer questions your friends and family will have (because we weren’t).

You can't catch AIDS from... sharing any of the following; Cups, Glasses, Cutlery, Towels, or Toilet Seats.

You also can't catch it from Mosquitoes (who've bitten someone who has HIV/AIDS), Giving Blood, or Kissing.

You can't catch the AIDS virus through touching an infected person, shaking their hands or through saliva and tears. Normal everyday contact with an infected person is perfectly safe.

Don't be afraid to love those in your community who are effected by HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous YWAMer