How to Write a Project Proposal for Fundraising

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From notes given at an informal talk by Richard simpson

  • Goal
  • Outcomes
  • Outputs
  • Activities

All of these need a narrative summary, an objective verifiable outcomes - means of verification, assumptions

Activities row: inputs to verifiable china and preconditions.

Document has six parts


Context core problem, effects, causes of problem,

Project description

(how to solve the problem) Goal, outcome, how (outputs and activities)

Demonstrate the money invested will be used. monitoring and evaluation: how, who, when, and how often. How communicate the results.


Who will run the project and what they will invest and deliver in broad terms

  • budget for the project
  • Allocation by each output
  • Split by people and overheads
  • Anticipated sources of funding

About organisation background.

About and purpose and mission.

Structure and experience.

(we assume inflammation is presented on order of importance this the topics in proposal are most important to donor!)

Writing a doc

  • Clear objective
  • Good organisation of ideas
  • Clear brief and concise
  • Appropriate language
  • modern and relaxed style
  • Correct spelling grammar and punctuation

First sentence of para is idea. Then general supportive sentence.then detail. Opposite from academic writing...

fog index - aim for 10 to 15. Small sentences and less three syllable words.

Process. thinking, planning (mindmap), first draft (from mindmap), editing (check pyramid), third edit-clarity and language, proofread

Length hard to say.