How to be Hosted

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One of the great privalleges of being a YWAMers is that you often get to stay in the homes of many different people, often from a different culture. This can be can be a pleasure or a pain for both you and your hosts! Some hosts can become friends for life. Here are a few pointers to make your stay as enjoyable for all as possible...

  • Gifts: Bring a gift or make sure you give your hosts a gift as you leave. Its polite and says much about the value of the accommodation and the hospitality of the host. At the least a card, flowers are good. Regional specialties (Scottish tea towels, Derby shire shortbread etc.) are always welcome.
  • Time: Try to spend as much time with your hosts as they and you can handle! Often the hosts are fascinated by you are what you are doing and likewise you should show a great interest in them and their concerns - you could learn much!
  • Treat everything in the hosts house with great respect. Confess immediately if you break their toilet, drop their jam, drop their jam in their toilet, kill a pet. And of course try not to do these things!
  • Make sure that your room is always clean and tidy - make your bed even if you don't at home! (It could become a habit!)
  • Be considerate leaving and arriving - if late at night or early in the morning be quiet and considerate.
  • Communicate - let your hosts know where you are and when you will return. It is important for them to be involved.
  • Do the washing up a lot!
  • Try not to winge and moan about things to your hosts. For example they may not be as ready to hear your team complaints etc. as you may think and they may get the wrong end of the stick.
  • Try not to get counselled by your host but do pray and spend quality fellowship time with them.