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Global Ministries

Communication Liaison

Location - Harpenden, England

Director - Lynn Green

Contact Person - Not sure

Telephone - 44 - 1582 - 463 - 275

Email - Not sure

Staff size in Communication Ministry - 12

How long has this ministery been established?  5 years

Existing Areas of work (define skills)

  • Crisis Management and Communication
  • Prayer Day management
  • Host International Portals
  • Disseminates timely messages from the chairman
  • Global Communications Team chair
  • We have people skilled in IT programming and code

Specific Projects

  • International YWAMer e-zine
  • Team of Journalists
  • Website development

A Brief Description - Vision for the next 5 years

We would like to develop and expand the work of the Global Communications Team. Also to develop the production and marketing of the International YWAMer e-zine.

Communication Ministry Needs for Further Development (Define skills)

  • Web Programmers - We urgently need these programmers and developers to help build and maintain YWAM websites.

submitted by Robert Itzin @ CRIT 2008

April 18, 2008


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