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In a Knowledge Base meeting we came up with the idea to create sticker. Here are a couple examples how it could look like. Feel free to comment on them in the discussion page, create another one, improve these ones, etc.

At least these first 2 examples work for prints on T-Shits, etc as well, I guess.

Sticker 1

Kb sticker 01.png
Slightly dynamic, maybe best suited for a round or oval shaped sticker.

Sticker 2

Kb sticker 02.png
Very similar to the Business Card. Probably best used on rectangle shaped stickers.

Sticker 3

Kb sticker 03.png
Like No.2 similar to the Business Card but less text -> drwing more attention to the name and web address.

Sticker 4

Kb sticker 04.png
Almost same as No.3 but even less text.

Sticker 5

Kb sticker 05 1.png
Another option for a round sticker, with digital background.