YWAM in Laos

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YWAM in Laos

To connect with YWAM Laos and check out the locations check out their national website:

YWAM Laos - No website yet


Laos is a restricted country with many difficulties sharing your faith with others.

YWAM is pioneering ministry in Laos. So far there has been very limited involvement by YWAM as a whole. Please pray that more workers would enter Laos.

YWAM can assist you in sending an outreach team into the country.


Dramatic changes are taking place in the country. It remains to be seen what effect it will have on the spreading of the Gospel. Although Laos remains communist, it recently has opened itself to "western" businesses. Along with the rapid development in the capital Vientiane, has come materialism.

YWAM in Laos