Lecture: Little foxes

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Little Foxes


This is one of the most memorable teaching I had during my DTS. Below are the notes that I made of the teaching. It still gives me a lot of joy that this is from Songs of Songs. Are you ready to catch your little foxes too?

My Notes

  • feelings that enter in our life, our relationship with God.

Text Songs 2:12-15

"Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom."

1. What Are Little Foxes?

  • These are small sins in our lives.
  • The smaller they are they will also destroy our communion with God.

Sex. Fantasies come through your mind. Like a drug. It enters your body, brings fantasies that satisfy your body.

2. Man's Point of View.

  • Fox A. Jealousy & Envy. You desire something what the other person has.
  • Fox B. Murmuring & Complaining.
    1. Is you to make sound that is low and soft, whispering.
    2. To deplore
    3. To grumble, to speak in a low voice.
    4. To speak secretly.
    5. To speak badly about someone, to criticize. Not satisfied, not happy with what is going on.
  • Fox C. Gossip. You tell a secret and/or to speak negative things.
  • Fox D. Pride. A high opinion of yourself.
  • Fox E. Lies. Excuse or protection.
  • Fox F. Anger. The strong displeasure or sorrow manifested.
  • Fox G. Friendship with the world. Is liberal, I'm free. I give more to the world than to God. Our will -> We will get it Our desire -> We wait till we get it.
  • Fox H. Consumption. It is a strong desire, excessible, disordered.

Col 3:1-4, 1 Joh 2:15, Jam 4:4

  • Fox I. Disobedience. "It is not necessary to obey but to believe," says a person who is disobedient.
  • Fox J. Apathy. Neutral
  • Fox K. Laziness. Lack of work. Not occupied.
  • Fox L. Negativity. "I'm realistic." Like being in the desert - see Fox B.

Good, perfect, pleasing Rom 12:1,2 Will of God.

More Scriptures

An empty mind is the devils workplace.