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Making links is useful for making connections to other pages. This is how you do it.

Link to another Page

This is how a link is made within the text of a page. Just use square brackets.

Examples: Use around page name: Wikitext On page
Link to another page 2 square brackets:
[[Page name]]
Give link another name 2 square brackets and vertical bar:
[[Page name|New name]]
[[Cheese|favourite cheeses]]
favourite cheeses

Link to a section on another page

Square brackets followed by the page name, followed by hash, followed by the exact title of the section heading. This links to the Section Heading. Can make it neater using a pipe.

Examples: Use around name: Wikitext On page
Link into section of a page 2 brackets, # and vertical bar:
[[Page name#Heading on page|Other name]]
[[Mapping Dialogue Introduction#Our 
Assignment|Our Assignment]]
Our Assignment

And this Wikipedia page has the answers: Help:Wiki markup - Links and URLs

Link to a Category

To add a link to a category in an article (as opposed to adding the article to a category) create a normal link to the category page but place a colon at the beginning of it, just after the double opening square brackets. Here's an example (Notice the extra colon at the beginning of the link):

Example: Use around name: Wikitext On page
Show Category in the page (not at the bottom) 2 brackets and a colon before Category:
[[:Category:Category name]]

Link to Another Website

To make a link to another website you can use the following notification

Examples: Use: Wikitext On page
This doesn't work Nothing
Put webcode in front http://
Use bracket creates alternative link 1 bracket:
Giving new name instead of use full webaddress 1 bracket and space and new title:
[ New Title]
[ YWAM's 
International Home Page]
YWAM's International Home Page

Categories (tags)

Categories are a great way of "tagging" your article to ensure it will be grouped automatically by the wiki software on the Special:Categories page. To make a category enter [[Category:ACategoryName]] anywhere in your document (by convention at the bottom as that is where the category bar appears, but anywhere will do).

If you create a new category the category bar will have a red link, click to edit as normal. Add some explanatory text. Save the page. The wiki software adds an alphabetical index underneath automatically. On a Category page any category tags you add will create a sub-category level for you.

Example: Use around word: Wikitext On page
Put category below a page 2 brackets and Category with colon:
See example at the bottom

CATEGORIES are the best way to group related subjects in the Knowledgebase as the software will always keep track of them for you.


When you refer to another book, why not find the ISBN. This is useful when readers are interested in the book and would like to buy it right away. Clicking on a ISBN link will directy connect with

Example: Use: Wikitext On page
Make ISBN ISBN and number
ISBN 123456789
ISBN 123456789

Citations of Bible References

There is a feature available that creates nice Bible links to the website of Bible Gateway.

Example: Use around verse: Wikitext On page
A famous verse. Option 1. <bible>Famous verse</bible>
<bible>John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
A famous verse. Option 2. Put verse in:
{{Bible|Famous verse}}
{{Bible|John 3:16}}
John 3:16
Other Bible version
Use this code:
<bible ver="msg">Famous verse</bible>
<bible ver="msg">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16

List of Bible versions supported:

Code Translation and language Wikitext On page
niv-us New International Version (American English)
<bible ver="niv-us">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
niv New International Version (British English)
<bible ver="niv>John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
nasb New American Standard Bible
<bible ver="nasb">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
esv English Standard Version
<bible ver="esv">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
tniv Today's New International Version
<bible ver="tniv">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
msg The Message
<bible ver="msg">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
nlt New Living Translation
<bible ver="nlt">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
kjv King James Version
<bible ver="kjv">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
av Authorised Version (KJV)
<bible ver="av">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
cev Contemporary English Version
<bible ver="cev">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
nkjv New King James Version
<bible ver="nkjv">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16
lsg Louis Segond (French)
<bible ver="lsg">John 3:16</bible>
John 3:16

(If your favourite version is not there and your know the Bible Gateway version number then put that in the quotes e.g. ver="71". If you use a version a lot ask your friendly administrator (Kev-The-Hasty) to add an abbreviation for it to the list above)