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After the games

The Olympic Games are finished. As viewer I have seen many different sports. It will take another 4 years for the next edition in Japan. And will YWAM go there too? Hopefully yes. Right now I took on a challenge too by translating some pages on Wikipedia. My experience with the YWAM KB makes it easy to get around. But it certainly is another learning experience. The Wiki community is huge and very active. I am really curious about how it works. One of the suggestions I got is to go to the Café. Which is nothing more than a page on Wikipedia, so no drinks. But it is a place to share on certain topics. On the YWAM KB we do have the community page. This is our own Café. But maybe it needs some refurbishing, to make it more attractive and inviting. - Arnoud

NEW DTS Promo's - DTS promotion videos

Update Olympic Outreach 2016 in Rio de Janeiro - the Jesus4all movement - Join in!

Update Internet Protection - Put up a defense against sexual content online

Update List of schools in YWAM - Get an overview through this collection

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Steve Sullivan
"I liked the idea so much I made a website out of it!"

We have a plan for translation into Non-English Languages. Could you help with translation? Or if you have YWAM files in a different language share them too.

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Cities are full of opportunities and challenges. Maybe you would like to take it on. more..

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Pretty (Scary) Locations

The up and down side of the mission is that we see much of the world. In a sense it looks like the ideal holiday. But it is all but a holiday. Pretty locations we do encounter and also enjoy. The knockout side is what we see beyond the side seeing. It is quite scary, more...
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