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Summer of Service - Paris Je t'aime - France

The Summer of Service(SOS) of YWAM is a camp in July that lasts two weeks, which is composed of worship & teaching time (every morning), workshops (every afternoon) and outreaches (five nights a week, just in front of the Eiffel Tower).

It's such a good place to spend quality times with God, to gather other young Christians and to learn how to share the gospel. If you're interested, please come and join us. More info on SOS Paris - France.

Flag French Small.png Le service d'été de Jeunesse en Mission est un camp en juillet qui dure deux semaines, qui est composé de temps de louange et d'enseignement (chaque matin), d'ateliers (chaque après-midi) et de plein-airs (cinq soirs par semaine, en face de la Tour Eiffel).

Ce camp est une super occasion de partager des temps de qualité avec Dieu, de rencontrer d'autres jeunes chrétiens et d'apprendre comment partager l'Évangile. Intéressé ? Rejoins-nous ! Plus d'info sur le site du service d'été.

SOS Paris - France

Sunset Brazil.jpg

Hot climate of the Americas

This is what I see and feel when I remember the beauty of the Southern Americas. It is hot, passionate and breath taking. Nature is amazing, the people are kind and very diverse. Behind this paradise, you will quickly see the opposite. Many people are living in miserable conditions. Even though the church has much influence, it is not seen as much in society. How long can we be lukewarm in a hot climate? more...
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