Making a Presentation of your Ministry

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Making a presentation:
What is the best way to explain your ministry?

A. People you can visit personally.

Have some visual way of explaining your ministry in a way that gives an overview of YWAM, an outline of your role within the ministry and the special part that the potential supporter can play.

7 Elements - highly visual with minimum wording

1. The need - what is the need that you are meeting in your ministry; what are the consequences of the need.

2. What YWAM has done and is doing to meet the needs - in broad terms - training, evangelism and mercy ministry. (Here is where it's good to explain that no one in YWAM receives a salary but rather is supported by a team of ministry partners.)

3. Some specific projects YWAM is working on, especially aspects of the YWAM ministry you are involved in (Kings Kids, ARMS, Marine Reach, DTS or whatever it is).

4. What your role is in YWAM - why you are involved, what you will do, your location, your team etc. If you're part of the Backbone Ministries, show how these are vital to enabling the big vision to happen.

5. The supporter's role -- as a partner they will enable the vision through financial support, prayers, practical help.

6. Ask - a specific request to the person to partner -- "Would you be willing to pray and consider joining my team of ministry partners by giving a monthly amount?"

7. Thank you - express appreciation for the time they took to listen and consider.

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