Managing Money

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Cash Register

Each YWAM base will have different ways of managing money. Handling finances wisely and well is vital and important to our organisation. Here are some topics and examples of things we need to consider.

General Principles

  • Integrity - transparency on right financial actions
  • Accountability - having others examine our actions
  • Good accounts - keeping a good record
  • Traceability - making sure that we can trace the flow of money through the organisation. From receipts to auditors' reports
  • Designated Gifts - not changing the purpose they were given for
  • Generosity and giving - our values and core
  • Approval, permission and submission of a purchase
  • Double signatures, prevent combination of financial functions (e.g. paying & entering invoices)
  • Counting cash
  • Security and safety
  • Thanking donors

Various Topics


  • Any good books?