Ministering to Sexual Brokenness: Helpful Videos

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Ministering to Sexual Brokenness

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On the website of 3XChurch are many great videos to watch. Including this serie in which many questions are answered on the topic. Which is great to use for the DTS or meetings dealing with these topics.

For the full 12 episodes click on this link: X3's Company.

X3's Company Ep. 1: Put a Ring on it X3's Company Ep. 2: Mouth Full

In this video Shelly Lubben (ex-pornstar) of Pink Cross talks with highschoolers about what they are exposed to. And she shares her story.

Shelley speaking at a highschool

This interview with Dr. Patrick Carnes is giving a perspective which shows that this issue is going to huge for the next generation. It is a call for YWAM as well to be prepared to help young people who will struggle with their sexuality.

Men and women both struggle with this addiction. Here you find a story from a woman who's marriage was ruined because they both looked at it and let this poison creep in.


More videos on youtube, check them out:

Clean Before God
Crissy Moran(ex pornstar)
Fight The New Drug Non-religious
Shelley Lubben (ex pornstar)