Ministering to Sexual Brokenness: Homosexuality

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Ministering to Sexual Brokenness

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This is the most difficult subject among Christians today. The world widely supports the idea that homosexuality is not a choice, but part of your DNA. But what does the Bible say? Well, what the Bible says has been explained in many different ways. There are Christians who totally accept the homosexual lifestyle and others who curse and despise it.

So what's YWAM's stand on it? Well, we from the YWAM Knowledge Base are not deciding what YWAM's opinion is. It is more important to find out what God's opinion is, especially about ourselves. How does God look at me?

Are there homosexuals in YWAM? This is not the right question in a sense. There are indeed people who are struggling with homosexuality. To define them as homosexuals would put them in a certain box, which is covered with a lot of condemnation and prejudices. It is actually normal. Every business, school or church has a certain percentage of people who have homosexual tendencies. So that's why in YWAM it is not any different. Our attitude towards these people is important though.


Kompassion: For who wrestles with homosexual feelings or for who wants to know more about homosexuality and being Christian. There is this ministry in YWAM where you can find help or information.
Website: Kompassion
Different: Pastoral help for those who struggle with homosexual feelings. You can also find help at Tot Heil des Volks in Amsterdam.
Restore Purity: Mike Caven, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the developer of the Restore Purity website, a website that focus on all Christian men walking in purity and holiness. Shares a little of his story, his journey at ( He is associate staff with YWAM and is willing to have a "one time" talk to help and advise you with controlling your sex drive. Via e-mail, Skype or phone. He will only ask for your first name.


Title Book Author(s) ISBN
A Guy Who Was Gay Richard Oostrum with Hans Frinsel ISBN 184291264X