Ministering to Sexual Brokenness: Masturbation

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Ministering to Sexual Brokenness

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The M word. Just using this word brings shame and embarrassment. We talk little about it or keep it hidden. “But it does bring trouble to me. How can I not do, what I do?” If you recognize this dilemma, well, you are not the only one. Most men struggle with it, like 90%, and also a lot of women, for whom it is even more embarrassing to talk about.

Is it a sin? Am I normal, or addicted? What about getting married and having to share it with your spouse-to-be? Okay, if you are looking for help.. Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Be Open, toward God, ask His help and revelation on this subject.
Tip 2: Be Bold, talk with someone of your own gender, someone you trust.
Tip 3: Be Courageous, form a group of people, who can keep you accountable.


Link to video about Self Control & Masturbation from Restore Purity with Mike Caven.

Concerning the video on Self-Control and Masturbation, it is First of Three on this topic. Within the Choice and the Challenge webinar the other two topics are Lust (3 teachings) and Pornography (3 teachings) If you are a YWAMer and would like to get a 3 week free viewing of all 9 teachings - 4 1/2 hours of teachings email me at and it will be arranged. Blessings and Success Mike

Mike Caven, Atlanta, Georgia. USA (EST)
Resurrection Life Ministries International