Ministering to Sexual Brokenness: Mentorship

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Ministering to Sexual Brokenness

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The next step which is great to have alongside of accountability is to have a mentor. Especially one that does understand the issue and can give full support out of their own experience.

Finding a mentor is not always easy and will require patience. Also what is expected from a mentor is not always what is preferred. That is why expectations need to be set realistically. It will be good also to not focus only on one person, but to have multiple wise men or women giving you in put or to be inspired by. People who write books are great mentors too. You don't know them personally, but what they write can be really encouraging. It is not even necessary to have someone know they are your mentor. Just sit in and listen to their stories.

Mike Caven, the developer of Restore Purity ( is associate staff with YWAM and is willing to have a "one time" talk to help and advise you with controlling your sex drive. Via e-mail, Skype or phone. He will only ask for your first name.