Ministering to Sexual Brokenness: Porn

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Ministering to Sexual Brokenness

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Nowadays it is hard to escape the grasp and luring of pornography. Even in spending a bit of time watching television there can be a commercial showing just a bit too much and that only to sell a silly product like shoes. It becomes more and alarming. Also what Christians find acceptable. Just because it is becoming normal and acceptable in society, doesn’t mean we need to follow the worlds standards.

What about the internet? It might not be called porn, but some of the adverts are getting close. My Inbox is being bombarded regularly with e-mails about sex related products. If you have ever stumbled on it before or looked for it on purpose, pornography is easy to find in just one or two clicks. Seeds are being planted every day to bring us closer into finding out more about it. So what to do about it? Especially if you do get into its lure.. How to get out? How to stop falling into the same trap, again and again?

Three simple steps:

Step 1: Pray, ask for Gods help.
Step 2: Block it, Destroy it, Rid yourself of the easy access to it.
Step 3: Find someone to talk about it. If you need help, seek and you will find it.

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