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The Hiding Place is a real classic among the Christian movies. Based on a book that is written by Corrie Ten Boom, also called the Hiding Place. Both the book and the movie tell the story of the family Ten Boom, who hid Jews and fugitives during World War II in their home in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Even though they were able to save many lives, they themselves were betrayed and arrested. Father Ten Boom died during his arrest in the Netherlands. Corrie and her sister Betsie were send to a concentration camp in Germany. Only Corrie returned home at the end of the war.

Their Christian faith is what motivated them to reach out to people and help them. First when the war started and many looked for a place to hide to be safe. And also in prison the sisters reached out to anyone in need. Sharing about God and reading words of hope from the Bible that Corrie could smuggle past the guards.

When Corrie returned home she continued reaching out and giving hope to people. Like she did in 1972 during the big outreach of YWAM during the Olympic Games in Munich. The movie itself ends with the moment Corrie is released from the concentration camp.

The Museum

For anyone who visits the Netherlands it is worth to visit the Ten Boom museum, which is located in the centre of the old city of Haarlem (close to Amsterdam). Entrance is free and there are volunteers who give a tour of the house (including the Hiding Place itself) and tell the story of the Ten Booms (in English or Dutch).


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