Operating Procedures for a suspected case of Child abuse within YWAM England

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Operating Procedure for Suspected Child Abuse in YWAM England


  1. When a situation of child abuse is suspected the following action is taken:
    • A. Immediately report of concerns directly to your Base Leader or Ministry Leader
    • B. If the suspicion concerns the Base or Ministry Leader then a member of the Child Protection Advisory Team (CPAT) is contacted with details of concerns.
    • Workers maintain STRICT confidentiality concerning the allegations, speaking only to a member of the CPAT and/or their Base or Ministry leader.
  2. The Base or Ministry leader will contact a member of the CPAT. Leaders have no discretion about contacting a member of CPAT.
  3. If you are unhappy with the response or are very concerned then contact social services, police and health services direct as appropriate and let a member of the CPAT know what is happening. Contact may also be made direct with the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) on 01322 660011 or 01322 667207.
  4. CPAT will offer advice and guidance on how to proceed. This will normally involve direct contact with police, social services and medical services.
  5. Keep dated and timed contemporaneous written notes of all conversations.
  6. The guidelines in section 3.0 of the YWAM England Child Protection Policy are then followed.


Child Protection Officer 01582 463251 (office) (home)
Child Protection Officer 01582 463221 (office) (mobile)

If those do not work then contact Mark Markiewicz or Janet Fawcett or Carl Tinnon.

If none of the above work the contact CCPAS for advice or contact the appropriate emergency service or social service department.

As a working guide a senior manager within YWAM should be made aware of concerns within 12 hours. Advice regarding the situation should be sought immediately where practicable and also within 12 hours. If the situation is life threatening then immediate contact is made with the emergency services.

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