Opportunities and Responsibilities for YWAM Board members

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30th March 2011

Following a board meeting in Brussels, YWAM Belgium clarified the following regarding board members.

In general in all organisations a board member has responsibility and opportunities for:

  • Financial Oversight
  • Legal responsibility moral and ethical. Policies and obligations to fulfil e.g. child protection. Health and safety, well-being workers etc.
  • Representation and Advocacy of YWAM in country.
  • Intermediary between agencies and YWAM.
  • Relationship connections and introductions for YWAM.
  • Provision of/introduction to resources (people/finances/skills).

We specifically invite our board to:

  • Make decisions whether or not to accept large donations and how they should be used.
  • Hold us accountable to our organisational values.
  • Prayer for the organisation and its work.
  • Approve appointing leadership (non-executive, ensuring that values are upheld).

In addition the members of the organisation have the responsibility towards the board:

  • The Board should be informed about great matters.

See also Responsibilities of individual board members.