Outline for teaching on Nature and Character of God in a DTS

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I've put together a week on Nature and Character of God for a DTS. Here is the outline of how the week will look for me.

Part ONE – Who god isn’t Core of this lesson: First we begin to explore the false ways people view god.

I use this session to start the week off by showing how people falsely view god and how we as Christians let this continue to impact how we see God. I end the session with a ministry time where we can 'get rid of the trash' and how we incorrectly view God.

Part TWO – God is Love Core of this lesson: After viewing the false ways we see god we begin by looking at the aspect of Him being love.

God is love. This is what his Nature and Character are built on. We look at verses and the ways we know Him to be love. We end the session with a response time in asking God to show us His love.

Part THREE – What the Father Desires Core of this lesson: This session we answer the question "What does God want?"

Continuing to build on the aspect of God being love is his desire for relationship with us and how far He went to accomplish that. That this was His desire even before the Creation. We also will talk about how we are now children of God. We end by discussing what it means to be a child of God.

Part FOUR – Not only Love Core of this lesson: Not only is God love, but He's also... is what this session is focused on.

This session is meant to fill in more about who God is. Using scripture we talk about other aspects of God's nature and character.

Part FIVE – Yeah, but what about Core of this lesson: In this session we tackle the hard issues of life.

I will talk about things like why prayer isn't answered, why there's pain, and answering why God seems so different in the Old Testament.

Part SIX – How we respond Core of this lesson: Ok now what?

A God this good with news this good demands a response from us. We now are pulled into the God's mission to love the world and for His Kingdom to invade our world.

I hope this helps you in preparing your Nature and Character week.

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