Outline for teaching on Relationships in a DTS

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I[who?]’ve taught on relationships in a few DTSs and I wanted to share my outline to help those who would want to prepare their own relationships week. This outline is simply the direction I chose to take the week; it’s not an official outline. I have broken up this week into seven sessions.

Session ONE – We are broken

Core of this lesson: We are broken as people and our relationships are broken.

I spend this session talking about how, due to sin, we’re selfish and broken. I talk about ourselves as individuals, our friendships, marriages, and nations all being broken relationally. The reason I make this my first session is that I want the students to see that there is a huge need for healthy Godly relationships. I want to create a gap between what the world is and what we want it to be.

Session TWO – God is love

Core of this lesson: That at God’s core and the core of the Universe is a relationship. The Trinity.

I spend this session showing how God is love and His desire is for relationships. We see this in how He exists as a Trinity. I also talk about how we see this in the Bible, Creation, and in Jesus. I then talk about how because of relationships God came to restore our relationship to Him. How it was always his plan to make us His children.

Session THREE – I am lovable

Core of this lesson: You were worth the Sacrifice of God.

This isn’t a long session but I talk about how you were worth it. I really want the students to see their value in God’s eyes. To see that He wanted them in relationship with Him.

Session FOUR – God teaches us to love

Core of this lesson: God now pulls us into His plan by teaching us how to love others the way He did and does.

This session is a Healthy Relationships 101 course. I talk about the basics of loving others and how to have healthy communication and listening. How love is others-centered, not self-centered. I also talk about how God doesn’t just tell us to do this, but instead modeled it to us.

Session FIVE – Romantic Relationships

Core of this lesson: The basics of loving someone else and pursuing a relationship with them.

I really try to spend this session showing the students that the other person needs to be our focus. Loving them. Not just simply finding the perfect person for me, but becoming the perfect person for someone else.

Session SIX – Enemies of Relationships

Core of this lesson: Conflict and unforgiveness can destroy our relationships.

I talk about the basics of conflict resolution. How to communicate and listen lovingly to others and to confront when needed. I also talk about how unresolved conflict can turn into unforgiveness and the destruction that can bring to our lives. I also talk about what forgiveness is and isn’t.

Session SEVEN – One relationship at a time

Core of this lesson: Now we need to go love the people around us.

I finish the week with an outward focus. Now God is asking us to go out and love those around us and through that we will change the world. I talk about how we don’t know the significance of one relationship or one act of love. This is a very missional session to end the week. I want the students to leave my class on fire for relationships and loving others.

Hope this helps you prepare your relationships week :)