Overcoming Procrastination

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Notes on overcoming Procrastination

  • Time coaching
  • Brick by brick big projects
  • Shoulding: "I should do it" is not a decision. Decide "I will do it" or "I won't do it today". Take a decision -- make a commitment. Release self from the guilt of a "should"
  • Time self doing activities to get a clearer grip on time elasticity! Then you will have a better internal clock that helps you know how much time you are really spending on things.
  • Self talk is a form of mindfulness. Say what you are doing. "I am just going to phone the bank". Keeps from distraction.brings you back to the present.
  • Imagine yourself being concentrated and in the moment and enjoying it.

if it is something you don't like to do then assign a short time at first.

  • Know your energy levels. Do something hard at the times you have the best levels of energy.
  • Problems starting: Avoid the "I should write this whole letter now" and try "I will make a start on this, making a fresh document and putting in the major headings, then stop". It is amazing how this helps us to get further than we might think!

Last minute - self absorption. It's all about me. effects others. Not just about me but it is for others. Lack of self awareness.

Avoiding the pressure of perfectionism: Is it ok to be "good enough"?

With perfectionism there is always procrastination. "Not about job, it is about me". I have to be perfect. I'm not my task, my job.

Recognise the feelings and thoughts between the actions and tasks.

If feeling blamed, reframe it and make a commitment to tackle it in some other way.

  • Know self
  • Talk too self with positive self talk
  • Monitor self

Things don't get done because too busy dealing with negative and self-orientated feelings and thoughts. Don't believe everything you think.

Set an alarm for when you think a job should be completed. It will alert you and make you time-aware.

Keep eyes on clock so not annoyed when have to stop.