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We know you will want to upload PDF files so here is how to make lovely links like the one below. Upload your PDF as normal a normal upload. Take a note of the file name and use the special template below. The file-name goes after the PDF and vertical bar bit.

Example: Use: Wikitext
Make a PDF. Put the name of the PDF in the place of New Name
{{pdf|New Name.PDF|Description}}.
{{pdf|OYBPD.PDF|Operation Year Best Practice}}

On page:

25px-Pdf.png Operation Year Best Practice

MICROSOFT FILE FORMATS Please do not upload! These are proprietary and are not open formats. Convert DOC, XLS, PPT to PDF's to upload them or preferably download a free copy of OpenOffice open your Microsoft files, convert to PDF with the built in functions or save the files as the ISO standard office document formats: ODT (text documents), ODS (spreadsheets) or ODP (presentations).