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UofN Internship Policy and Procedure

Policy Purpose

To enable students to obtain practical field experience in an appropriate working environment under mentors including fields in which the U of N school location may not have the types of activities or appropriate operational systems.

Definition of Terms

An internship is an application phase of a U of N school in which a student's acquired skills can be practiced, and additional information gained, in a working environment under assigned supervision of a qualified person within or outside of YWAM/U of N. Some examples:

  • A Journalism student intern at CNN.
  • A Graphic Design student intern at Day Spring Cards.
  • A Science and Technology student in an industrial engineering design group.
  • A Church Ministries student intern at a local church.


1. Prerequisites:

    • Lecture phase of school completed successfully.
    • Recommendation of school leader.
    • Internship course registration submitted and approved with U of N before work begins.
    • Internship to be completed within a designated period following the lecture phase.

2. Student Eligibility:

    • Grade of "?[correction needed]" or better lecture phase.
    • School leader approval.
    • Word from the Lord.
    • Spiritual/emotional/physical/financial readiness.

3. School Leader Responsibility:

    • Develop goals and objectives with student.
    • Arrange on-site supervision and regular feedback.
    • Help coordinate housing and spiritual coverage.
    • Monitor on-going process.
    • Track all U of N course and student records Forms A-D.
    • Assessment/grading including final submission of grades to the appropriate U of N International Registrar.

4. On-Site Supervisor: Qualifications and Responsibilities:

    • Ability to adequately supervise the technical aspects of the student's internship.
    • Provide appropriate working/learning environment.
    • On-going supervision by knowledgeable person: Monitor time commitments, development etc.
    • Communicate evaluation and assessment of the intern to appropriate school leader.

5. Credit Evaluation of a U of N Internship: 1 credit per week (40-50 hours per week) of satisfactory work on campus location or in the field.

Internship Policy and Procedure; App'd: Provost Team, Lausanne, July, 1995; 2005 U of N Reference Guide. Copyright © 1995 by YWAM/U of N; revised 1997, 2000, 2005. All Rights Reserved. Page 292