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Risk is 48 teams to 48 countries - at the same time.

Teams that: evangelize, pray and communicate hope to a continent in difficult circumstances.

Risk is from 20th - 25th of May. The first day we meet in Skien for inspiration and consecration. From there we go to all the nations of Europe.

An intense weekend in every nation will be packed with evangelism lead and equipped by the Holy Spirit, intercession simultaneously over the whole continent,

and encouraging messages to the local congreagations. Risk ends with a great celebration with reports and debriefing in Skien the last night.

Risk is a project with lots at stake, therefore the name Risk. The results will be people saved and introduced to Christian fellowship.

Risk wants to help Europe with prayer and encouragment, and lastly; give young people a taste of and a calling to Europe.

Why Europe?

If we count all the sovereign nations, there are 48 countries in Europe. Rumors has that half of these countries have less than 1 % Evangelical Christians.

In over 200 000 towns and places in Europe there are no Evangelical churches.

Status quo is terrible, but the trends seems to be even worse. Europe has been known as a Christian continent, but these days,

Europeans turn away from God and to secular humanism, islam, old pagan religions and new spirituality.

  • In Sweden, the free churches have lost 26 % of their members the last 20 years
  • Attendance for the state church services has dropped 37 % the last 15 years

There are some rays of light in between, but in general, Christian Europe is disappearing as we knew it.

This is so serious that we need to send out a signal of S.O.S. for our continent. ("Save Our Souls")

Latest News:

Project RISK started yesterday; the 20th of May! 130 people were gathered at the base in Skien, Norway, for prayer, worship and some input.

This morning the first team left, and the rest will follow today or tomorrow. YOU CAN JOIN BY PRAYING!!

The prayer-times are: Friday 6.PM, Saturday 12 AM and 6 PM (Norwegian time - GMT +1).

We are praying for salvation for Europeans, revival for the churches, Gods Kingdom to come in all the spheres of society, and workers to the harvest.

All the teams will be updating the RISK-blog: http://ywamskien.wordpress.com . (A lot of it might be in Norwegian).

Web-site: http://www.ywamskien.com/index.php?id=11493